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Xi Jinping Meets with Prime Minister of Solomon Islands Manasseh Sogavare

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On the afternoon of July 10, 2023, President Xi Jinping met with Prime Minister of Solomon Islands Manasseh Sogavare, who is on an official visit to China, at the Great Hall of the People. The two sides jointly announced that China and Solomon Islands officially establish a comprehensive strategic partnership featuring mutual respect and common development for a new era.

Xi Jinping pointed out that China and Solomon Islands are good friends and good brothers that can trust and rely on each other. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the friendly cooperation between the two countries has come from behind and has been at the forefront of China’s relations with Pacific island countries, becoming a model of solidarity, cooperation, and joint development among countries of different sizes and developing countries. Facts have proven that the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the Solomon Islands is the right choice that conforms to the trend of the times and the world, and is in line with the fundamental interests of the two peoples. China is ready to strengthen strategic communication with Solomon Islands, deepen cooperation in various fields, promote the steady and sustained growth of the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries, and deliver more benefits to the two peoples.

Xi Jinping stressed that China highly appreciates Solomon Islands’ firm commitment to the one-China principle, supports the country in safeguarding sovereignty, security and development interests, and supports the country’s independent choice of development path. China is committed to managing its own affairs properly, and is always a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, and a defender of the international order. China is ready to share with the Solomon Islands the development opportunities brought by Chinese modernization, further synergize the Belt and Road Initiative and the National Development Strategy 2016-2035 of the Solomon Islands, expand practical cooperation in various fields, import more competitive products from the Solomon Islands, and help the country achieve development, revitalization and long-term stability. China supports more Chinese companies in investing and doing business in Solomon Islands, and will continue to provide economic and technical assistance to Solomon Islands with no political strings attached. The two sides should expand friendly exchanges in such areas as health care and education. China supports the Solomon Islands in hosting the 17th Pacific Games.

Xi Jinping pointed out that China’s policy towards the Pacific island countries is based on “four fully respects”: first, China fully respects the sovereignty and independence of Pacific island countries, and upholds the equality of all countries, big or small; second, China fully respects the will of Pacific island countries and follows the principles of extensive consultation, joint contribution, shared benefits and win-win results; third, China fully respects the cultural traditions of Pacific island nations, and pursues harmony without uniformity and the common development of diverse cultures; fourth, China fully respects Pacific island countries’ effort to seek strength through unity, and supports them in implementing the 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent, so as to contribute to the building of a peaceful, harmonious, secure, inclusive and prosperous Blue Pacific. China understands that Pacific island countries face severe challenges from climate change and stands ready to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with island countries in meteorological services, disaster prevention and reduction, clean energy and other fields, so as to help island countries implement the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. China is ready to strengthen coordination and cooperation with Solomon Islands, uphold true multilateralism, defend international fairness and justice, jointly oppose the Cold War mentality and hegemonism, and safeguard peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region.

Sogavare said that establishing diplomatic relations with China is the right choice made by Solomon Islands. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, bilateral relations have yielded fruitful results. China has become the largest partner in infrastructure cooperation and a reliable development partner of Solomon Islands. President Xi Jinping has put forward the Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative and the Global Civilization Initiative, which has shown remarkable vision and extraordinary leadership, and Solomon Islands highly appreciates and supports that. China’s achievements in poverty reduction deserve admiration and reference from the world. Solomon Islands is firmly committed to the one-China principle and is ready to keep closer high-level exchanges with China, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in trade, investment, people-to-people and cultural exchanges and localities, among other fields, jointly tackle climate change and other global challenges, and continuously push forward the comprehensive strategic partnership between Solomon Islands and China. Solomon Islands opposes any acts targeted at or containing China’s development.

After the meeting, the two sides issued the Joint Statement on Establishing a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Featuring Mutual Respect and Common Development for a New Era between the People’s Republic of China and Solomon Islands.

Wang Yi and Wang Xiaohong were present at the meeting.